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Project Description

Tooth Fairy – Your Pocket Dentist

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What is Tooth Fairy?

We are working with Tooth Fairy as an on-demand consultation service where you get to speak directly to one of our professional dentists where we can provide you with professional advice and video consultations.

How does it Work?

It’s simple and easy! Here is the step by step guide:

  1. Firstly, download the Tooth Fairy App onto your phone
  2. Sign up and choose a package that suits your needs. These are: Basic (Free), Single use or Annual use.
    See the features for each package in ‘How much does it cost’ section.
  3. Find Arch Aesthetics using the search bar or map.
  4. Create a booking and choose a time for us to video call you.
  5. We will then video call you using the app where we can answer all your questions.
  6. After the video call you will recieve advice via email and any perscriptions you might need.

How much does it cost?

The Tooth Fairy APP provides you 3 options.

Basic (Free)

  • This allows you to search for dentists
  • View sample videos to assist your enquiry

Single use (£25 per use)
Including the above features, plus the following:

  • Video call a dentist
  • After consultation advice
  • Perscriptions (if required)

Annual use (£5 per month)
Including the above features, plus the following:

  • View complete video library
  • Multiple video calls to dentist for 12 months*
    * On average patients visit the dentist two times a year. Our Annual plan allows you to speak to a dentist via video call up to three times a year.

Emergency Assistance

If you have a dental emergency, we recommend you seek urgent dental assistance.
If you have limited mouth opening, difficulty in swallowing, dental trauma or uncontrolled bleeding, please call
NHS 111 or NHS 999 for a severe emergency.
Alternatively please visit your local A&E department. Please do not delay getting assistance.

For more information

If you wish to learn more about Tooth Fairy, visit their website:  https://www.toothfairyapp.co.uk/

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